Video Interview: CYN discusses meeting fans, opening for Katy Perry, getting annoyed, writing dance floor hits, first concerts, and listening to Disney soundtracks.

It was a true pleasure interviewing Margaret Glaspy! I'm obsessed with this woman's music and it was lovely finally having her on the show!

Ask and you shall receive! I'm so excited to finally have 8x10s for sale! Each come signed plus include an AMBY sticker and personalized note with your purchase! Get yours now! ♥

Video Interview: Saraya Knight discusses loving to fight, inventive swear words, being proud of her daughter Paige, what it's like to be a "stunt-prostitute", and having fun in the ring with Joey Ryan.

"Hangman" #AdamPage is awesome. I'm so psyched we finally did an interview!

Video Interview: MARTY SCURLL raps some Limp Bizkit and discusses loving boy bands, funny moments with Mick Foley, wanting to have a puppy, having fun with The Bullet Club, and being blasted with baby powder.

This is my favourite interview we've done so far. 👌🏼 Round three with "Switchblade" JAY WHITE was ridiculously fun! #KnifePervert

Photos: HAIM and Lizzo at Stubb's Austin in Austin.

Nothing but love and total admiration for these two! It was an absolutely awesome time having Matt and Nick of #TheYoungBucks back on the show!

Video Interview: Su Yung discusses loving cartoons, being a huge nerd, how people think she's crazy, her incredible Impact Wrestling debut, and bands she loves.

I've been waiting to host this interview for what feels like forever... and it finally happened at Ring of Honor in Toronto! You're so awesome, Jay Lethal. Thanks for all the great stories and laughs. ✌🏼

It was a great time having Flip Gordon on the show! #BookFlip

Video Interview: Thunder Rosa discusses making her family proud, dancing a lot, being close with fans, rock bands, and living her dream.

It was a pleasure talking music and wrestling with the super talented Rocky "Azucar" Romero! 🎤

Photos: Margo Price at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto.

It was great seeing Cody Rhodes at Ring of Honor! I respect this man so much and can't wait until our paths cross again soon!

Video Interview: Karen Qu discusses competing in the Women of Honor Tournament, public transportation, speaking different languages, loving pop music, and falling in love with wrestling.

It was a blast speaking with Scorpio Sky! You're gonna show me those dance moves next time! 😂

I had a truly fantastic time interviewing Ring of Honor commentator extraordinaire Ian Riccaboni! Thank you for everything!

It was lovely meeting Tenille Dashwood - I'm looking forward to interviewing you the next time our paths cross!

Crazy!!! Awesome getting to see this total icon again! #Naito #Tranquilo

Literally laughed through this entire interview with Miss Xia Brookside! 🤗

Video Interview: Britt Baker discusses loving the "Dr. Baker" chants, having fun with Chelsea Green, guilty pleasures, playing video games with Adam Cole, and discovering independent wrestling.

Video Interview: Sigrid discusses being extremely honest, loving nature, hanging with a kangaroo, and obsessing over The Sims.

Video Interview: Nicole Savoy (Nicole Matthias) discusses having a Pop-Tarts obsession, loud chewers, having a huge crush on Corey Taylor, overcoming injuries, and getting punched in the vagina by Saraya Knight.

A Music Blog, Yea?

New profile pic. ♥🎤

Video Interview: Deonna Purrazzo discusses hating neck pillows, growing up wrestling her brother, wanting a dog with Marty Scurll, and becoming The Virtuosa.


Video Interview: Taya - Kira Forster discusses growth at Lucha Underground, loving her body, having wedding fever with Johnny Impact, horror movies, and her rivalry with Rosemary.

Video Interview: RJ Skinner discusses forms of masculinity, missing his guyliner, always loving to perform, and celebrity workouts. #RJCity

Video Interview: DON BROCO discuss good thrift finds, meeting John Cena, amazing meals, getting told off in an Uber, fun swearing, and bowling against Our Last Night.

Video Interview: Shazza McKenzie discusses wanting to be a singer, fangirling all the time, how the internet is a strange place, and spray tanning.

Photos: Rick Astley at The Opera House in Toronto.

YES!! I'm so damn happy this interview happened. Thank you, Saraya Knight! Video dropping soon. 🖕🖤

Video Interview: KIMBER LEE discusses mini food videos, loving crazy nail polish, obsessing over Disney, amazing experiences with WWE, and wrestling sisterhoods.

It was so much fun catching up with Brian Cage! This interview has so many hilarious stories in it. 👌🏼 #Bubbles

Woop woop! I'm so psyched about this... FINALLY GOT MARTY SCURLL ON THE SHOW!

It was an absolute treat having Facade and Dani Mo on the show! 💚 #NeonNinja #NeonBlondes

I had a lovely time speaking with Kate Nash! Can't wait for you all to watch this. #YesterdayWasForever #GLOW

It's almost time! Come hang as I interview both Chikara Pro and Beyond Wrestling performers at Chikara Wrestle Factory for in Philly! 💥

At the airport! I'm coming for you, Philly! I can't wait for with Beyond Wrestling and Chikara Pro!

Video Interview: Mick Foley discusses legendary matches, actually being a decent singer, wearing a full leather outfit, holding back laughter during promos, concerts with his daughter Noelle Foley, appearing on Being the Elite, and getting fired on national television by Stephanie McMahon - WWE.

Video Interview: The Strypes discuss their great pet peeves, first concerts, snack obsessions, assless chaps, and exploding fingers.

Review + Photos: The Darkness at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto.

Video Interview: Nicole Matthews discusses tons of her pet peeves, fuckboys, embarrassing gear, having fun in the ring, and wanting to hang with Rancid.

Video Interview: Zoe Lucas discusses having a sweet tooth, being covered in cake, first concerts, and acting super bratty in the ring.

Photos: Charlotte Day Wilson at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto.

Video Interview: Palaye Royale do my make-up while discussing annoying trends, the story behind the potatoes, highlighter techniques, being extremely happy, and how people still say their name wrong!

I LOVE Su Yung! Although she's choking me with a piece of wood here, I can't help but smile as I'm beyond thrilled that we finally met and had this interview. You're ridiculously talented and I can't wait to hang again. 🖤

Video Interview: Rhia O'Reilly discusses her hexaflexagon obsession, sexy vampires, loving crime series, horror films, and wrestling with a broken ankle.